: kmk
Korg microKONTROL

Processing library for Korg microKONTROL®, USB-MIDI general purpose controller (support for KONTROL49 has to be tested).

Each control (buttons, sliders, encoders, keys) can be addressed through Processing applet events.

Each output (LCD, LED) can be set using simple method calls.


: downloads

kmk Release 0.1 multiplatform

Version / package specific notes or known issues

rel v0.1, OSX: mmj is not working with Korg drivers

mmj won't recognize CTRL port as output and then the detection fails.
SOLUTION: use mandolane or uninstall Korg drivers.

rel v0.1, OSX: Device automatic discovery fails with some specific combinations

When using Korg drivers package and Mandolane, with more than one korg devices, automatic discovery of the device won't work.
SOLUTION: Manual setup has been introduced on SVN rev8.

: usage

kmktest.pde is a trivial example that shows the features offered by the library in conjunction with a microKONTROL device

Further documentation can be found here as javadoc reference.

: subversion access

If you need to access the SVN tree, simply do:

$ svn co https://korglib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/korglib/trunk/kmk
: installation

Simply copy 'kmk' top folder into Processing 'libraries' folder. Processing editor restart is needed: after that you can include the library simply using Sketch->Import Library or writing:

import kmk.*;

at the top of your sketch.

You can move the folder 'kmktest' under examples/ on your skecth folder or in Processing/examples/Libraries one.